Behavior Services
American Behavioral Solutions provides a variety of BEHAVIOR ANALYSIS services through highly-qualified Behavior Analysts and Behavior Assistants to meet the unique needs of individuals and their Families through training and consistent consultation.
Assessments & Behavior Plans
American Behavioral Solutions provides comprehensive behavioral intervention for individuals with significant behavioral challenges and/or skill deficits that are impeding on their quality of life. Through proper assessment we can identify the individual's goals and areas of concern by CONDUCTING interviews with the CLIENT AND caregivers. After further observation of interviews and activities in specific settings, the information gathered is used to properly design the appropriate and effective Behavior Plan for the client.
Parent Education Classes
American Behavioral Solution's parent education programs are designed to help parents understand and partake in their child’s intervention plan. It is designed to help parents not only understand but teach the basic principles of the Behavior Services provided by our team. Just as importantly, it is designed to train and help the grandparents, siblings and all other family members that are involved in the daily life of the child. Following through is a key aspect of your child’s program. everyone involved needs to be dedicated in order to achieve maximum results.